ООО «Группа компаний Джет Порт» Лицензия №12523830-1131

About Jet Port Charters

Jet Port Charters is a part of Jet Port Group of companies mainly focused on the ground handling provision in the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburd, Sochi, Anapa, Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Kazan and others.

Jet Port Charters is dedicated to provide the full range of top-quality discreet service at business-aviation market and offer the new dimension of travel. We are always happy to find a proper business-jet for our customers to perform their flights both within Russia or abroad even on a short notice. We are keeping close partnership with the leading companies in the market such as "VIPPORT" - the biggest ground handling operator at Vnukovo-3 FBO, and also "RusAero" - the leading Handling Company in Russia.

All our managers are extensively skilled professionals in business-aviation, always well-informed of the latest events and products development, previously experienced in working for foreign companies, speaking several foreign languages.