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Medical evacuation

Close partnership with "Professional Medical League" Company who owns the brand-new andfully equipped fleet of Ambulance cars authorizes us to offer 24/7:

  • Top qualified medical staff.
  • Ambulance-jets for emergency medical evacuation and transportation within Russia or abroad.
  • Medical escort aboard airlines.
  • Emergency medical rescue and transportation by ambulance to the best hospitals within Russia or abroad.

Helicopter rental

Hilicopter might become the best solution once the customer would need to perform a scenic flight or simply go for hunting, fishing, peculiar photo-shooting, etc. We can offer various types of helicopters different in specification, capacity, cabin features and terms of booking.

We always do our best to get the most out of every moment for our clients both on the ground and in the air, offering a service that's safe, expert, efficient, responsive and confidential. Our main priority is to take a proper care of each flight aspect so to provide the most comfortable, exhilarating and enjoyable travel.

Booking services

Our managers are always ready to provide a range of additional services to clients: hotel or detached house reservation, business-class vehicles for transfer worldwide.

Yacht rental

Yacht Rental - is an optional service we are always ready to offer. It would perfectly comply either the business meeting or the particular celebration and can make your event unique and the most remarkable.

Our company and experienced staff we deal with guarantee to provide VIP service on customers request as well as full decent support on any issue.